Architecture and nature, contrasting points of view, co-exist in harmony here. The solid forms and individual designs of man-made structures command my attention, yet the delicate shapes and translucent colors of the botanical sphere intrigue and delight me. Combined in a scenic painting, I can express the best of both worlds.

Watercolor is the ideal medium for rendering the distinctive details of sculptural elements, wrought-ironwork, brick and stone textures, window and door patterns, stately columns and variegated roof lines. These characteristics identify each building in an historical context. It is my intent to preserve them in a permanent illustrative form.

Capturing the elusive essence of a living plant is a challenge. While insuring that the painting is 'botanically correct', I can express my personal response to the unique beauty of the subject and interpret it so as to give information and pleasure to the viewer. The clarity of watercolor is particularly well suited to this endeavor.

My work has been influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, Andrew Wyeth, Georgia O'Keeffe, Claude Monet and the Impressionist School.


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